Ludum Dare 40

Can't Save Them All!

A giant meteor is about to hit the city! you need to save the good citizens, the problem is the more of them you pick up the slower your get away is, Make sure you escape the blast radius in time!

We were a six person team of University Students, all studying at Staffordshire University and all in our final year. The game itself was completed over a three day weekend, all of us working twelve hours at a time, so not Crunch Time!

The game was made in Unreal Engine 4 using blueprint, myself and the rest of the group worked on the overall design of the game, although I spent most of the weekend programming. For the programming within the game I worked on adding all the functionality to the UI elements for the game, this includes the main HUD, the main menu and the end screen menu. I also worked on programming in the random falling of meteors, the large expanding explosion and the overall game mode/ game loop.

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