Global Games Jam 2018

Smooth Operator

The average day in the life of a phone operator! 

In this game you play as a telephone operator who has to answer and match calls that come in. You must do so fast enough otherwise people will get frustrated and end their call, meaning you could lose your job. The game will increase in difficulty as you play, with more calls coming in at a faster rate.

The game was created using Unity Engine with a small team of 4 over the 48 hour weekend given for the Games Jam. The theme we were given to work from was 'Transmission', we played on the communication side of a transmission with this game. Within the group we had 3 programmers, including myself,  and 1 artist.

My role within the programming of the game was the creating the main gameplay loop for the game and the UI creation/ programming.  When looking through the repository(linked below) all of my scripts/ assets I created are in the 'Amanda' folder.

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