Coloured Ball Puzzle Game

The coloured ball puzzle game is a prototype game I created in order to aid in learning C++ and using it in unison with Unreal Engine 4. It took a total of about 3 days to create the prototype and I plan to expand on the game further as my knowledge and experience with C++ grows. 

The aim of the game is to escape, in order to do this the player must solve puzzles using coloured balls found in the scene. Their are different colours of balls and also different sizes(which correspond with the balls weight), pressure plates litter the world and will require the player to place a certain colour in order to trigger while also being a specific weight. For example a blue pressure plate with the number 50 above it will need a larger blue ball placed on it. Currently their are 5 small zones in the game, each increasing in difficulty and often adding new mechanics or using current mechanics in new ways. 

Below are link to both download and play the game and also a link to the bitbucket in order to see the C++ used to create the game. Most of the game was created using C++, however some elements like the lerps for doors or platforms were done in Unreal Blueprint to help me gain an understanding of how they could be used together.

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